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C-Myste Baledwr N'Corigible CD RE NA NAP CGC

picture of dog
Registered Name: C-Myste Baledwr N'Corigible CD RE NA NAP CGC
Prefix Titles:
Breeder: Carolyn Cannon
Amanda (Mandy) Katasse
Owner: Lani Fry
Kennel: C-Myste
Sire: Phi-Vestavia Stork Drop
Dam: Phi-Vestavia N Quisitive
Call Name: Denzil
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 26 MAY 2002
Date of Death: AUG 2014
Cause of Death: Tumor
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: USA
Height: 30.73 cm (12.1 inch)
Colour: Black and White with Tan
Distinguishing Features: Half mask
Website: www.wagsnwoofs.blogspot.com
Known Offspring:
Registration#: DN00827501
IVDD @ 4 years old. Recurrence at 6 years old. Both non-surgical. Recovered with extended crate rest.
C-Myste Baledwr N'Candescent RN
C-Myste Baledwr N'Chantress HSAs
C-Myste Baledwr N'Dependent
C-Myste Baledwr N'Spiration
CMyste Bldr 'NTxcatn Phi-Vestavia


Category Registry ID or Results Date

C-Myste Baledwr N'Corigible CD RE NA NAP CGC

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Phi-Vestavia N Quisitive

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