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VDH JCH Jolly Cardis Ashley

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Registered Name: Jolly Cardis Ashley
Prefix Titles: VDH JCH
Doris Duewel
Doris Duewel
Kennel: Jolly Cardis
Sire: Quischo aus Cingkalard
Dam: Adda v Galloway Yard
Call Name: Jette
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 13 JUN 1989
Date of Death: 15 JUL 2000
Cause of Death: Cancer
Country of Birth: Germany
Country of Residence:
Colour: Black and White with Tan
Distinguishing Features:
Website: http://faydomcardis.wordpress.com/
Known Offspring:
Registration#: VDH/ZBrH WCC411
Jolly Cardis Beebop
Jolly Cardis Bizzy Body
Jolly Cardis Bouncing Bertha
Jolly Cardis Buster Keaton
Jolly Cardis AshleyQuischo aus CingkalardCharly of QuickbornDaleviz Manuel of Rhiwelli
Rhiwelli Gweno Fach
Ellis aus Cingkalard

Downholme Red Dragon
Alice-Rozavel zur Coermühle

Adda v Galloway Yard
Ali aus Cingkalard

Beckrow Best of All
Ellis aus Cingkalard
Emy vom Voerder Lndchen

Robgwen Something Special
Bintje vom Voerder Lndchen