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D CH, LU CH, INT CH Hope on California Caleb

picture of dog
Registered Name: Hope on California Caleb
Prefix Titles: D CH, LU CH, INT CH
Breeder: Thomas Korzelius
Carol Foti
Owner: Annette Klarmann
Kennel: Hope On
Sire: Ch. Hope On Encore
Dam: Hope On's Steely Dan
Call Name: Caleb
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 29 SEP 2014
Date of Death:
Cause of Death:
Country of Birth: USA
Country of Residence: Germany
Colour: Blue Merle and White
Distinguishing Features:
Website: www.corgi-cardigan-rebels.de
Known Offspring:
Admirable Aileen from CardiVille
Adorable Aeronwen from CardiVille
Adventurous Adam from CardiVille
Almighty Aeron from CardiVille
Amazing Ariana from CardiVille
Apollo from the Cardicottage
Armoured Arthus from CardiVille
Attractive Abigail from CardiVille
Ballroom Blitz from the small hill rebels
Big Iron from the small hill rebels
Black Forest Corgi's Aramis
Blue Bayou from the small hill rebels
Blue Velvet from the small hill rebels
Bossyboots Ebony
Bossyboots Eighteen Carat
Bossyboots Einstein's Revolution
Bossyboots Elvis
Bossyboots Entertainer
Bossyboots Escada
Bossyboots Esprit
Bossyboots Even If
Bossyboots Exclusive Edition
Cupido from the Cardicottage
Joy Transfer Quarterback
Joy Transfer Quest of Luck
Joy Transfer Qui Vive
Joy Transfer Quicksilver
Joy Transfer Quickstep to Heaven
Joy Transfer Quimby Blue Snow
Joy Transfer Quintessence
Joy Transfer Quite Amazing
Joy Transfer Quiz Gambler
Mal Bagushy Charmel
Mal Bagushy Charming
Mal Bagushy Charodey
Mal Bagushy Chelsea
Mal Bagushy Chernoslive
Mal Bagushy Cheryomuha
Mal Bagushy Chester
Mal Bagushy Churchill
Welshclan's Mac Murphy
Welshclan's Mack Le More
Welshclan's Maeve Maude
Welshclan's Maggy May
Welshclan's Maible Mairi
Welshclan's Maura Maureen
Welshclan's Miss Marple
Welshclan's Miss Moneypennie
Welshclan's Mister Monroe
DM clear (Laboklin)

Hope On A Jamboree
Hope On Follow My Aero


Category Registry ID or Results Date
Hips: Other FCI B1
Elbows: Other FCI 0
Eyes: ECVO free of all diseases 12/15
PRA: Labolkin free
DM: Other Clear

Hope on California Caleb

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Hope On's Day-Glo

Hope On's Steely Dan

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Hope On's Day-Glo

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