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Firstname: Lori
Lastname: Frost
Postal Code:
City: Ventura, CA
Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.glasshousekennel.com
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Annwyn Glasshouse A Bit Of Voodoo
Annwyn Glasshouse Love A Rainy Nite
CH. Glasshouse Answer to the Mystery Dundane w MintCny
CH. Glasshouse Magnolia Blue V Dundane
Coedwig's Dance With Me at Torlan UD RE PT MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX XFP MVCX CGC TDI
Coedwig's Directors Cut
Coedwig's Silverscreen
Coedwig's Special Effects CGC
Geran's Big Money Of Glasshouse
Glasshouse 3C Soft Kitty
Glasshouse 3C Touch Not The Cat HT CA CGCA FDC TKI
Glasshouse A Bit Of All Right
Glasshouse A Risk Worth Taking
Glasshouse Amazing Journey Of Geran's
Glasshouse And Oakcreek Layla
Glasshouse Baccarat
Glasshouse Before You Accuse Me
Glasshouse Bell Bottom Blues
Glasshouse Big Talkin Man Of Gerans
Glasshouse Black Jack HSAsM RATN CAA CGC HTAD1-s VC TKN FDC
Glasshouse Blue Eyes Blue
Glasshouse Box Office Bliss HT PT JHD CAA
Glasshouse Brave New World RATN BCAT
Glasshouse Bring It All Home CAA HT PT
Glasshouse Can’t Fight This Feeling At NSR
Glasshouse Canary In A Coalmine
Glasshouse Cardiridge Black Rain
Glasshouse Contessa Sorpresa
Glasshouse Demolition Man
Glasshouse Find My Fortune
Glasshouse Fire And Rain HT, CA
Glasshouse Fire I Can't Put Out
Glasshouse Gayles Cheshire Cat
Glasshouse Good Intentions PT
Glasshouse High Bet Roulette HT, SWN, RATI, NW1, L1-E, NW2, L1-I, L1-C, L2-C, NW3, NW3-C, NW3-I
Glasshouse High Roller
Glasshouse I Can See For Miles
Glasshouse Just What I Needed
Glasshouse Let The Good Times Roll
Glasshouse Life Of Surprises
Glasshouse Long Hill Slice of Blue Heaven Dragon
Glasshouse Love Over Gold CGC, CA, RATI
Glasshouse Love Struck Romeo HSAsM CA RATI NW1 NW2 JHD TKN SWA L1&2V L1&2C FDC L1I&E CGC NW3-C
Glasshouse Marked Deck of gowerston
Glasshouse Midnight Marquee
Glasshouse Moonlight And Gold
Glasshouse Moving In Stereo
Glasshouse Mr. Blue Sky
Glasshouse My Best Friend's Girl
Glasshouse November Rain CAA HT
Glasshouse Once Upon A Daydream TKN NTD
Glasshouse One Drink Down
Glasshouse Playing Star Again
Glasshouse Private Investigations
Glasshouse Put On The Red Light
Glasshouse Racing In The Rain
Glasshouse Recapture The Thrill
Glasshouse Rhythm Of The Rain
Glasshouse Ripple Surprise
Glasshouse Shadows on the Wall at Breuddwyd
Glasshouse Silent Movie CGC RATO
Glasshouse Solitaire
Glasshouse Surprise By Design
Glasshouse Surprise In The Black Box
Glasshouse Surprise Package
Glasshouse Surprise Party At Naples
Glasshouse Surprise Surprise
Glasshouse Sweet Surrender
Glasshouse Texas Hold'Em
Glasshouse The Entertainer PT, FDC, CGC, TKN
Glasshouse They Say There's Gold RN BCAT CGCA CGCU TKN
Glasshouse Turn The Page
Glasshouse Two Bit Ante PT JHD
Glasshouse Tylwyth's Matinee Idol
Glasshouse Underneath The Stars
Glasshouse Up On A Stage
Glasshouse Uptown Girl
Glasshouse Visions Of The Night
Glasshouse We Could Get Lost
Glasshouse What I'm After
Glasshouse When The Cats Away
Glasshouse Whenever It Snows
Glasshouse Who Are You?