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Firstname: Kim
Lastname: Shira
Postal Code:
City: Redding, CA
Country: USA
Homepage: http://www.coedwig.com/
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

3C's Coedwig's Phoenix
Car-Rae’s Pandamonium
Coedwig & Karagin Willows At Sunset
Coedwig's & Karagin Willows At Sunset
Coedwig's Annie Oakley
Coedwig's Black Pearl
Coedwig's Blue Poppy
Coedwig's Blue Sapphire RN
Coedwig's Bluebird
Coedwig's Carbon Blue ROMg
Coedwig's Classic Chrome II
Coedwig's Cool Charm
Coedwig's Davenitch Lacey Blue
Coedwig's Directors Cut
Coedwig's Lady Remington
Coedwig's Lilac ROMb
Coedwig's Malachite RN HXAds STDc HTADIIIds OTDc ATDds HTDI-D,S VC ROMG
Coedwig's Pandora
Coedwig's Pecan Valley Carbon's Calico OAP OJP
Coedwig's Scarlet O'Hara
Coedwig's Snow White ROMb
Coedwig's Special Effects CGC
Coedwig's The Quiltmaker
Coedwig's Tricrk Night Gallery
Coedwig's Twist Of Fate
Coedwig's Tylwyth Graceful Enchantment
Coedwig's Vestavia Luminescence CDX RAE PT OA OAJ OAP OJP ROMg
Coedwig's Winbuck Firefly
FRM MoneyPenny ROMs
Glasshouse Put On The Red Light
Heart Of Gold's Trublu To Darwin
Hope On Silver Cloud RN BN
Oakcreek N Tanalyn Dixieland Delight
Pawcific Postit From Penrose
Samhain Trinity Rvr Katie Lorene
Samhain's Apache Plume
Samhain's Busy Bee
Silveraurora’s Coedwig’s Northern Lights
Snapdragon Coedwig's Polar Ice
Tanalyn Carbon's Cameo
Toshay Coedwig's Dirty Martini
Trysor Coedwig's Black Jade
Wolfrun Coedwig's Angelou
Wonderland Moonlit Mile

Breeder of:

Aramora Coedwig Whata Gadget UD
Aspin Skii Of Coedwig CD
Canucks Candle Light
Coedwig & Karagin Willows At Sunset
Coedwig Stardust For Wonderland
Coedwig Tanalyn All Eyes On Me
Coedwig Tanalyn Something Treasured PT JHD HTAD1ges HSAds STDds
Coedwig Tanalyn's Desert Gold
Coedwig Tanalyn's Morning Glory
Coedwig's & Karagin Willows At Sunset
Coedwig's 3C's Gunner Get'Cha
Coedwig's 3C's Indigo Jasper
Coedwig's A Walk On The Beach
Coedwig's Accidental Jenny
Coedwig's Afara Black Lotus
Coedwig's Alchemist
Coedwig's Anarchy's Son Of H.D.
Coedwig's Annie Oakley
Coedwig's Apollo
Coedwig's Arlene Star
Coedwig's Baby Bleu My Mind CGC
Coedwig's Bearman's Tomte
Coedwig's Beatlejuice Of Adastar
Coedwig's Beau Reddick
Coedwig's Bebop Space Cowgirl
Coedwig's Beyond Suspicion
Coedwig's Big Bang Theory
Coedwig's Black Diamond PT
Coedwig's Black Hudson
Coedwig's Black Ice
Coedwig's Black Knight
Coedwig's Black Opal
Coedwig's Black Orchid
Coedwig's Black Pearl
Coedwig's Black Timber Jack
Coedwig's Blkduck Forever Nite
Coedwig's Blu Sky Over Vermont
Coedwig's Blue Baloo
Coedwig's Blue Dahlia
Coedwig's Blue Glacier RN
Coedwig's Blue Like Jazz
Coedwig's Blue Moon
Coedwig's Blue My Mind
Coedwig's Blue Rupert
Coedwig's Blue Sapphire RN
Coedwig's Blue Steel CDX
Coedwig's Bluebird
Coedwig's Boston
Coedwig's Bou Bleu Treu
Coedwig's Boys Town
Coedwig's Brandoch Taliesin
Coedwig's Brindled Bruin
Coedwig's Bryndir Ecco Domani
Coedwig's Buckeye
Coedwig's Buster Garrett
Coedwig's Cajun Star Rising
Coedwig's California Dreamcatcher
Coedwig's California Dreamin CGC
Coedwig's Carbon Blue ROMg
Coedwig's Carbon Dated
Coedwig's Carbon Lilac Ziva
Coedwig's Carson Pumpkin Pie
Coedwig's Catch Me If You Can
Coedwig's Cavall Leila
Coedwig's Chickadee, VC CGC RE PT STDs OTDs HSAs HIAs HXAs
Coedwig's China Doll
Coedwig's Chivas Regal of White Hart
Coedwig's Chris Team Dream
Coedwig's Civil Disobedience
Coedwig's Clancy Blubyrd
Coedwig's Classic Chrome II
Coedwig's Clue's Blue Boy
Coedwig's Cobalt Saloon
Coedwig's Code 3 Rocco
Coedwig's Columbine
Coedwig's Cool Charm
Coedwig's Cracker Jack
Coedwig's Crime Of Passion
Coedwig's Crumpet
Coedwig's Crzy Quilt Allegation
Coedwig's Cubby
Coedwig's Curious Mr. Watson
Coedwig's Dance With Me at Torlan UD RE PT MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX XFP MVCX CGC TDI
Coedwig's Dancing Bear
Coedwig's Dancing Tulip
Coedwig's Darby Of Windermere CD NA NAP NAJ
Coedwig's Dark Goddess
Coedwig's Dark Of The Moon
Coedwig's Davenitch Iris
Coedwig's Dejavu
Coedwig's Dew Process
Coedwig's Didgit
Coedwig's Directors Cut
Coedwig's Dreams Come True
Coedwig's Driad's Timbre
Coedwig's Dudley Macy Blue
Coedwig's Ebony & Ivory
Coedwig's Edward
Coedwig's El Mariachi of Alpha-Omega
Coedwig's Elijah
Coedwig's Etched In Granite
Coedwig's Eye Candy
Coedwig's Eye Of The Storm
Coedwig's Eyes Like Rain
Coedwig's Fancy Blue Tiffany
Coedwig's Father Goose
Coedwig's Finn Raud
Coedwig's Finnegan
Coedwig's Flora Symbolica
Coedwig's Forever In Blue Genes
Coedwig's Forged By Lightning
Coedwig's Freddie
Coedwig's Frost Byte
Coedwig's Game Of Graces
Coedwig's Gold Leaf
Coedwig's Gonna Be A Diamond
Coedwig's Graceful Symphony
Coedwig's Grand Jury
Coedwig's Grey Goose Of White Hart HSAs RN CGC ROMVB VC STAD-1s OTDd STDs JHDs ROMVb
Coedwig's Harrison Ford
Coedwig's Highfalutin Chaos UD RAE PT
Coedwig's Holland
Coedwig's Hounded Huntress
Coedwig's Hurricane In The North RN, FO, CGC
Coedwig's I'm Doin' It My Way
Coedwig's I've Got Things To Do!
Coedwig's Island Girl at Beitshemesh
Coedwig's Jack of All Trades, HSAsd
Coedwig's Jack Of Hearts NA
Coedwig's Joy of Gardening
Coedwig's June's Delight
Coedwig's Kantasia Black Velvet
Coedwig's Keeper Of The Ring
Coedwig's Kirby Hyperbole
Coedwig's Kokrda Russell
Coedwig's Kona
Coedwig's La Perle Noir
Coedwig's Lady Blakeney
Coedwig's Lady Guinevere
Coedwig's Lady Remington
Coedwig's Larkspur
Coedwig's Last of the Mohicans
Coedwig's Last Tango
Coedwig's Laughing Blue Bandit
Coedwig's Legends Of The Fall CGC
Coedwig's Levi Blue
Coedwig's Light The Way
Coedwig's Lilac ROMb
Coedwig's Lillypad RN RA RE HT PT HSAs OTDs VC
Coedwig's Ling Ling
Coedwig's Love With The Safety Off
Coedwig's Lucky Clover
Coedwig's Luke Skywalker
Coedwig's Luna Blue
Coedwig's Luv A Rayne Day
Coedwig's Lynndee's Annie Oakley
Coedwig's Maisie Dobbs
Coedwig's Majestic Blue Lilly CGC TDI
Coedwig's Malachite RN HXAds STDc HTADIIIds OTDc ATDds HTDI-D,S VC ROMG
Coedwig's Master Giggs
Coedwig's Master Rooney
Coedwig's Meant to Bee
Coedwig's Mercury Comet of Currin Creek
Coedwig's Merry Abigale-Baggins
Coedwig's Merry Mettle
Coedwig's Meydele Brown
Coedwig's Mica Blue
Coedwig's Midnight Mica
Coedwig's Midnight Winnie
Coedwig's Midori
Coedwig's Mika's Dream Chaser
Coedwig's Moon River
Coedwig's Moonlit Lilac
Coedwig's Moonshine
Coedwig's Moonstone
Coedwig's Morio Stone's Throw
Coedwig's Morning Star
Coedwig's Mosaic Coal Black Mattie
Coedwig's MR. Gus Stubbs
Coedwig's Mr. Wiggins
Coedwig's Murder She Wrote
Coedwig's Mystic Topaz RA HSAs
Coedwig's N Mesty Blue Thunder
Coedwig's Niteshade Of Corwynt
Coedwig's Notorious
Coedwig's Nutcracker Sweet
Coedwig's Odds On Ozzie
Coedwig's On Point
Coedwig's Onyx N Snow
Coedwig's Onyx Samurai
Coedwig's Optimystique
Coedwig's Oreo Bojangles
Coedwig's Orwel
Coedwig's Otter Pop TKN
Coedwig's Out Of The Blue, RA
Coedwig's Pandora
Coedwig's Paola
Coedwig's Pebbles Flintstone For Chantilly
Coedwig's Pecanvalley Legal Eagle
Coedwig's Perfect Crime
Coedwig's Pin-Up Girl
Coedwig's Placido
Coedwig's Plum Kinda Wonderful
Coedwig's Poetic Justice
Coedwig's Polar Ice Princess
Coedwig's Presumed Innocence
Coedwig's Princess Bride PT
Coedwig's Pure Grace
Coedwig's QTR Blue Snowfall
Coedwig's Quigley Down Under TKI FDC RN
Coedwig's Quiltmakers Gift
Coedwig's Quintessential Blue Steel
Coedwig's Ravyn Night Hawk
Coedwig's Reese's Pieces, HSAs RE OTDs
Coedwig's Remember Me
Coedwig's Ride The Wave
Coedwig's Rocket Dog HSAsd
Coedwig's Romance Me Darlin'
Coedwig's Rose Of Sharon
Coedwig's Rowenna CGCU TKA RN
Coedwig's Ruff-N-Tuff
Coedwig's Rusty Blue
Coedwig's Rylie
Coedwig's Sail On Silvergirl
Coedwig's Samhain Ghost BN RAE
Coedwig's Scarlet O'Hara
Coedwig's Seaforth Little Jackie
Coedwig's Second Amendment
Coedwig's Sensation
Coedwig's Shonleh Blue Jay
Coedwig's Silver Alibi
Coedwig's Silver Lynx
Coedwig's Silverscreen
Coedwig's Silversmith At Beitshemesh
Coedwig's Sinjin Sage
Coedwig's Skrimshaw
Coedwig's Skywalker Joins the Resistance
Coedwig's Smoke Signal Royalwood
Coedwig's Snapdragon Dressed To Impress
Coedwig's Snapdragon Speed Racer
Coedwig's Snapdragon Strike A Pose
Coedwig's Snow White ROMb
Coedwig's Solar Flare
Coedwig's Something Sweet
Coedwig's Something To Talk About
Coedwig's Sophia Lea
Coedwig's Sparkle and Shine AM CD
Coedwig's Special Effects CGC
Coedwig's Spectrm Sipa Choclat
Coedwig's Steppen On Out RN
Coedwig's Stormbolt of Corwynt AM CD CGC
Coedwig's Tafarnwr Full Circle
Coedwig's Tafarnwr Wind Dancer
Coedwig's Take It To The End Zone
Coedwig's Teddy Bear Pajamas
Coedwig's Temptation
Coedwig's The Dude Abides
Coedwig's The Masked Man
Coedwig's The Quiltmaker
Coedwig's The Ranger's Gonna Like This Yogi
Coedwig's The Sky's The Limit
Coedwig's The Unusual Suspect BN
Coedwig's The Verdict
Coedwig's Three's The Charm
Coedwig's Time And Tide
Coedwig's To Dance With The White Dog
Coedwig's Too Hot To Handle
Coedwig's Too Tired Cookies N Cream
Coedwig's Toy Story At Telroc
Coedwig's Tricreek's Evidence
Coedwig's Trottin' To Car-Rae
Coedwig's Trublu Best Friend HSAs HXAd
Coedwig's Truth Be Told
Coedwig's Twist Of Fate
Coedwig's Tylwyth Graceful Enchantment
Coedwig's Unwavering Protector PT
Coedwig's Vestavia Silverwings
Coedwig's Violetta Valentina
Coedwig's Visions Days Of Thunder
Coedwig's Winchester Bowie
Coedwig's Wizard Of Mayalu
Coedwig’s Apache Tears
Coedwig’s Mindbender At ScoutOut JHD TKN
Coedwig’s Minerva Jane
Coedwig’s Perfect Timing At Glacier TKA
Coedwigs Lochlan TKA CGC
Crickette Of Willow Creek
Delrose Heart of Gold
Glasshouse Box Office Bliss HT PT JHD CAA
Glasshouse Midnight Marquee
Glasshouse Silent Movie CGC RATO
Glasshouse Tylwyth's Matinee Idol
HTCh Coedwig's Mad About Ewe HIAsd, HXAs, HTADIsd, HTADIIIs, HRDIII, RLFI, RE, AJP, NFP, NW1, RATS,
Karagin Alpha-Omega HeartHunch
Kelsey's Razzle Dazzle Basil
Maggie Malis
Merrythought Applique At Tailwind
Merrythought Gingher White Lightning
Merrythought Mr Bigtime Trombone Man
Merrythought The Keeping Quilt ROMVs
Merrythought Timbrrr!
Mica's Tender Rascal
Pawcific Make A Wish
Pawcific Secret Wish
Pawcific Wishful Thinking RN
Pecan Valley Formal Attire
Samhain Angel Of Spring
Samhain Brite Pyrite
Samhain Mosaic Pieces Of Eight
Samhain Silver Lining At Stonelight
Samhain Smoky Quartz
Samhain Sticks And Stones
Samhain Titanium Tate
Samhain Trinity Rvr Katie Lorene
Samhain Windfall's Hot Pursuit
Samhain's Busy Bee
Samhain's Calypso
Samhain's Gypsy Queen
Samhain's Hoist the Sails
Samhain's Little Miss Hot Shot
Samhain's Oh Say it Ain't Soo
Samhain's Stoick Silver Bleu
Samhain's Tory Lynn
Samhain's Tylwyth Teg
Samhain's Windfall Shiver Me Timbers
Samhains Flight Of The Bumble Bee To Grandiose
Toreth Coedwig Under The Bodhi Tree
Toreth Moxie Raven Lwynog
Toreth What Goes Around Comes Around
Toreth's Catch Me If You Can!
Tylwyth's Beautiful Blue Angelite
URO1 Coedwig's Where Rumors End & Legends Begin @ Jokin' RN
USA UFA Coedwig's She's My Addiction RN CGC
USA UFR Coedwig's Essence of Crux RN TKN
Winsdown Coedwig's Nitrate