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Firstname: Leda
Lastname: Thompson
Postal Code:
Country: USA
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Coedwig Tanalyn's Morning Glory
Coedwig's A Walk On The Beach
Coedwig's Accidental Jenny
Coedwig's Autumn Elegance
Coedwig's Black Knight
Coedwig's Black Opalescence
Coedwig's Blue Stone On The Beach THDN, CGC
Coedwig's Bluestar At Ashgrove
Coedwig's Cajun Star Rising
Coedwig's Catch Me If You Can
Coedwig's Clare-De-Lune
Coedwig's Cracker Jack
Coedwig's Dancing Tulip
Coedwig's Dejavu
Coedwig's Eye Candy
Coedwig's Gonna Rock This Town
Coedwig's Ice Princess
Coedwig's Laughing Blue Bandit
Coedwig's Luke Skywalker
Coedwig's Luv A Rayne Day
Coedwig's Meydele Brown
Coedwig's Move It On Over RN
Coedwig's Pebbles In The Sand
Coedwig's Pin-Up Girl
Coedwig's Plum Kinda Wonderful
Coedwig's Princess Elcie Woo
Coedwig's Queen Of The Night
Coedwig's Quiltmakers Gift
Coedwig's Reese's Pieces, HSAs RE OTDs
Coedwig's Robynne Kokopelli
Coedwig's She's My Fancy
Coedwig's Silver Lynx
Coedwig's Sunrise On Lanikai Beach
Coedwig's That's My Boy!
Coedwig's Trublu Best Friend HSAs HXAd
Coedwig's Verdi Go
Liddie Lady
Merrythought Applique At Tailwind
Merrythought Gingher White Lightning
Merrythought Mr Bigtime Trombone Man
Merrythought The Keeping Quilt ROMVs
Merrythought Timbrrr!