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Firstname: Richard
Lastname: Huff
Postal Code: 64011
City: Bates City, MO
Country: USA
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Cambrian Dylan Lloyd
Chandler's Belladonna
Claymore's Barber Of Seville
Claymore's Dark Blue Rose
Claymore's Darkening
Claymore's Dudley Doright RN MX MXJ AXP AJP XF OFP T2B
Claymore's Edge Of Glory At Xtacee
Claymore's Madame Butterfly ROMb
Claymore's Red King
Claymore's Ride the Lightning
Claymore's Rocket Man
Claymore's Shere Khan
Claymore's Spirit
Claymore's Thunderstruck
Claymore's Tiger By The Tail
Claymores Marry The Night
Kingsbury Miss Lilly Of Claymore
Pluperfect Pride N'Prejudice
Remberance Ygraine
Remeberance Yours Truly
Rememberance Ann D Rooney
Rememberance Annie Oakley
Rememberance Dancing on Ice
Rememberance Dark Bruin
Rememberance Dark Dreams
Rememberance Dark Moon
Rememberance Darkness
Rememberance Eye Of Th'tiger
Rememberance Ffiona
Rememberance Gift Of Gab
Rememberance Gladiator
Rememberance Ice Age
Rememberance Masquerade
Rememberance Misalliance
Rememberance Music Of The Nite
Rememberance Sand Spirit
Rememberance Sand Storm
Rememberance Tornado Allie
Rememberance Yesteryear
Rememberance Yonderling CD RE PT
Rememberence Breaker of Ice
Telltail Simply Sally
Telltail Sparks Fly
Windshyre Belle Beaute
Windshyre Major Taylor
Windshyre's Carrie Nation
Windshyre's Cedric Oliver
Windshyre's Charlotte Fever
Windshyre's Glory Steinmmm
Windshyre's Hoppin Hobbit
Windshyre's Isadora Duncan
Windshyre's Merlin
Windshyre's Murphie Brown
Windshyre's Personna
Windshyre's Promise
Windshyre's Tapestry
Windshyre's Terra Cotta
Windshyre's Truffles In Rum
Windshyre's Twilite
Windshyre's Vanborne
Windshyre's Vindicator O'Bay
Windshyre's Wizard