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Firstname: Bridget
Lastname: Smeeton
Street: Waughs Rd
Postal Code: 4775
City: Feilding
Country: New Zealand
Email: smeeton.rodwell@xtra.co.nz
Phone: 6463237212
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

Badagri Just By Chance
Cloverlea Regal Edition
Rodwell Abigail
Rodwell Ace Of Spades
Rodwell Ain't She Sweet
Rodwell Almond Delight
Rodwell Ambassador
Rodwell Annabella
Rodwell Betsi Otashi
Rodwell Black Pearl
Rodwell Black Rose
Rodwell Black Velvet
Rodwell Brass Topper
Rodwell Bronze Lad
Rodwell Caligula
Rodwell Cambrian Trumps
Rodwell Canasta
Rodwell Chiff Chaff
Rodwell Cinder Glow
Rodwell Cleomenes
Rodwell Cleopatra
Rodwell Cleos Girl
Rodwell Coffee Cream
Rodwell Cornelian
Rodwell Crystal Gem
Rodwell Diamond Queen
Rodwell Domino
Rodwell Energizer
Rodwell Fella My Lad
Rodwell Fieldfare
Rodwell Final Fanfare
Rodwell Flash Of Fire
Rodwell Frances Fair
Rodwell Gareth
Rodwell Gay Witch
Rodwell Gemma
Rodwell Geraint
Rodwell Gina Gianella
Rodwell Ginger Brittle
Rodwell Gold Crown
Rodwell Gold Dust
Rodwell Gold Leaf
Rodwell Golddigger
Rodwell Golden Girl
Rodwell Golden Queen
Rodwell Goldfinch
Rodwell Goldilocks
Rodwell Gwenda
Rodwell Gwenno
Rodwell Gypsy Moth
Rodwell Gypsy Teressa
Rodwell Hadrianus
Rodwell Halloween
Rodwell Hannah
Rodwell Henrietta
Rodwell Hereward
Rodwell High Jinks
Rodwell Hot Topic
Rodwell Iolite
Rodwell It Has To Be You
Rodwell Jade
Rodwell Jasper
Rodwell Jewel
Rodwell Joker
Rodwell Lady Jane
Rodwell Lucinda
Rodwell Lucinda Lass
Rodwell Lucy Locket
Rodwell Macaroon
Rodwell Making Waves For Elmsmere
Rodwell Moonstone
Rodwell My Lad Lucius
Rodwell Oceans Away
Rodwell Oneme
Rodwell Opal Lass
Rodwell Pamelas Choice
Rodwell Patience
Rodwell Pearly Lass
Rodwell Peridot
Rodwell Playin With Fire
Rodwell Polly Flinders
Rodwell Pure Class (AI)
Rodwell Pure Energy
Rodwell Pure N Simply (AI)
Rodwell Queen Of Hearts
Rodwell Raylene
Rodwell Red Queen
Rodwell Redwing
Rodwell River Of Dreams
Rodwell River Runs Red (AI)
Rodwell Roam The Oceans
Rodwell Rockpipit
Rodwell Roderigo
Rodwell Rona
Rodwell Rose of Harlem (AI) CD AD HSAs
Rodwell Rosette
Rodwell Rowena
Rodwell Royal Icing
Rodwell Royale Monarch
Rodwell Ruffles
Rodwell Ruggles
Rodwell Sail To Victory
Rodwell Secret Wish
Rodwell Set The Sails
Rodwell Show Stopper
Rodwell So Thats It
Rodwell Solo
Rodwell St Elmos Fire
Rodwell Stella Belle
Rodwell Sweet Dreams
Rodwell Top Magic
Rodwell Top Note
Rodwell Top O The Pops
Rodwell Top Secret
Rodwell Top Security
Rodwell Topaz
Rodwell Tribute to Trumps
Rodwell True Brew (Imp NZ)
Rodwell Trump Card
Rodwell Trumps Again
Rodwell Victory Millie
Rodwell Wagtail
Rodwell Warlock
Rodwell Wave Breaker
Rodwell Whitethroat
Rodwell Wish Me Luck
Rodwell Wish Me Well
Rodwell Witchcraft