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Firstname: Pat
Lastname: Mann
Postal Code: 64034
City: Greenwood, MO
Country: USA
Breeder: yes

Owner of:

Breeder of:

A Twelve-Point Riff
Buggs Bunny
Chandler's Frequent Flyer
Chandler's Rememberance
Chaney's Jen-O-Fred
Iam Chandler's Prince Of Wales
Kingsbury Dark Magic O' Sisterwood
Larchmont Murray O' Sistrwd
Pecan Valley Blue Butterfly
Pecan Valley King Georgey
Sisterwood Amanda Madison
Sisterwood Angel's Texas Rose
Sisterwood Aragorn Starlet
Sisterwood Black Iris
Sisterwood Brine N' Brimstone
Sisterwood Challenge O'Heart
Sisterwood Chantilly Lace
Sisterwood Cocoa Mocha
Sisterwood Diamond Dan
Sisterwood Dots 'N Dashes
Sisterwood Dream Of Darla
Sisterwood Face The Fire
Sisterwood Graces Garvin
Sisterwood Gucci's Pucci
Sisterwood Guns N Roses Rock Star RN
Sisterwood His Royl Happiness
Sisterwood Jake Of Hearts
Sisterwood Kool Moe Dee
Sisterwood Merlin Llewellyn
Sisterwood North Star Blue
Sisterwood Obvious Star
Sisterwood Ozmo's Ebony 'N Ivory
Sisterwood Puttin' On The Ritz
Sisterwood PV Grover
Sisterwood Satin Breeze
Sisterwood Shadyridge Full Throttle
Sisterwood Specks' Lucy Loo
Sisterwood Spectrm JST Dandy
Sisterwood Stark 'N Dark ROMs
Sisterwood Starkist Pewter ROMb
Sisterwood Suede's Angelique
Sisterwood Suede's Legacy
Sisterwood Suede's Sunburst
Sisterwood Summer Skyla ROMb
Sisterwood Total Chaos At S.R.
Sisterwood Triathalon
Sisterwood Truman Harry
Sisterwood Vision Of The Sea
Sisterwood's 'Mo Magic
Sisterwood's About Face
Sisterwood's Amazin'
Sisterwood's Ambler
Sisterwood's Amo Te
Sisterwood's Angel 'N Disguise
Sisterwood's Bewitches
Sisterwood's Black Arrow
Sisterwood's Blue Frost
Sisterwood's Blue-Bird ROMB
Sisterwood's Brian Boru
Sisterwood's Bullrush Boy
Sisterwood's Danny's Girl
Sisterwood's Dark Angel
Sisterwood's Eric's Brynn
Sisterwood's Gabrielle Of Camelot
Sisterwood's Good Witch
Sisterwood's Happy Angel Wings ROMb
Sisterwood's Hobbes
Sisterwood's Hum-Vee
Sisterwood's I'm Possum Too
Sisterwood's Litl Sams Busyboy
Sisterwood's Lord Digby
Sisterwood's Magic Missy
Sisterwood's Oak Ridge Girl
Sisterwood's Ocean Breeze
Sisterwood's Owain Pendrake
Sisterwood's Pansy Blue
Sisterwood's Platinum Lady Blu
Sisterwood's Pteri Tiger ROMb
Sisterwood's Serendipity
Sisterwood's Shadowdance
Sisterwood's Silly Rabbit
Sisterwood's Suncatcher
Sisterwood's Tallied Up
Sisterwood's Tiger 'N Blue
Sisterwood's Top Of The Chart
Sisterwood's Tory At Redcoat CD PT
Sisterwood's Tri'd 'N True
Sisterwood's Who Done It
Sisterwood's Winsome Will ROMs
Sisterwoods Black 'N Blue
Sisterwoods El Jay Xcellente
Sisterwoods Eye Of The Tiger
Sisterwoods Haley Blue
Sisterwoods Happy Sweetheart
Sisterwoods La Dolce Vita
Sisterwoods Long John Silver
Sisterwoods Star Spectacular
Sisterwoods Tag-Along Tucker
Sisterwoods Wonder's Miracle
T Rex Neff
William Son Of Kings