Pedigree of Pluperfect Pride N'Prejudice

Pluperfect Pride N'Prejudice
Homegrown Pluperfect Patriot

Pluperfect Princeling ROMb

Kennebec Ice Anchor ROMg

Pluperfect Primrose ROMg

Pluperfect Peggotty

Davenitch Peer of Pluperfect ROMg

Pluperfect Pegasus Of Cymru ROMb

Windshyre's Carrie Nation

Pluperfect Garvins Peerless ROMb

Davenitch Clean Sweep ROMb

Pluperfect Polesden Lacey
Sisterwood's SerendipityZircon's Jack of Hearts AM CD ROMb
Shiloh Sistrwood Cntry Mouse
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